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Middle East-inspired sandwiches

23 Jun

Light and refreshing open-faced sandwiches. Multi-grain bread (topped with all sorts of grains and seeds- yum!) schmeared with labneh (a yogurty Lebanese dip), sprinkled with zaatar, olives, mint, onions, tomatoes, and garlic, then crowned with a few cilantro leaves.

No recipe here. I personally find recipes for things like simple sandwiches, salads, pizzas with pre-made bases, or foods with pre-made everything somewhat insulting and restricting. I don’t think I need instructions on how to assemble a sandwich- that’s the beauty of them! But ingredients are a great place to start for inspiration…


Carrot Cake and SUMMER

16 Jun

Ah, summer. The opportune time in my “busy” life to cook every day and to finally do the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for. Except- as soon as summer starts, I always start falling into the same habits of lazing around all day (watching 5 episodes of Gossip Girl, spending hours looking through food blogs). I’ve been doing a little better this summer. While I have been doing more than my share of lazing, I’ve also done a few “constructive” things. I’ve cooked quite a bit, shortening my endless list of recipes to try, even if by an insignificant amount. I’ve cleaned my room. I’ve started a book. I’ve attempted my first stop-motion animation. I’d say I’m doing all right.
But one thing I’ve neglected to do is post here! I have so much time to waste, so many cooking adventures to write about- and yet I haven’t written about a single one!
Part of it is that I’m too ambitious at the beginning. I start summer thinking I’m going to do SO much- but it’s always TOO much to realistically do, especially when I just want to vegetate all day. I have such high expectations that I’m inevitably disappointed in the end.

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