Eating around Philly as fast as possible

8 Aug

I stayed in Philly for less than a week, and was basically limited to the area around UPenn, yet I still managed to squeeze in a few nice meals. The little Korean place near Penn was nothing special according to my Korean friends, but it gave me an intro to Korean food. My business team went for a wonderful (and incredibly filling) 3-course dinner at Bistro Romano, where I’m sure I drove the server crazy with all my questions and order changes (I’m not the most decisive when it comes to ordering…).

One day, for lunch, I tried the Crunchburger (a burger with crunchy potato chips to provide an interesting textural contrast and starchy fried goodness) at nearby burger joint run by Bobby Flay. I’m no burger expert, but Bobby’s Burger Palace sure delivered some really delicious burgers- I was just longing to try all the flavor combinations! After the burger, I wandered into Capogiro gelato with a friend. I planned to just taste a flavor then leave (is that so wrong?), as I was still filled up on meaty burger goodness, but when I asked to taste one flavor, the over-eager gelato man gave me about 6 different tasters. I realized I probably would need to order a cup- and I’m glad I did! Coconut and dulce de leche were my favorites, and they just happened to complement each other, especially when they got muddled in a puddle of melted gelato at the bottom of the cup.

I didn’t get to try all the places on my list- I’ve yet to eat at one of the many food trucks, Vetri, Osteria… but that happens where ever I go. I try to plan out my meals too much some of the time, and then it almost becomes like a mandatory assignment. For some reason we perceive things as more fun when they’re not required or planned. It’s like that part in Tom Sawyer, when he tricks some boys into thinking painting the fence is fun- not a chore.

Eating out doesn’t exactly become a chore when I pre-plan what and where I’m going to eat, but I just don’t enjoy the meal as much. I’m getting better about not absolutely NEEDING to go to a certain restaurant (I can be rather unreasonable at times), and I’ve ended up having some pretty good “spontaneous” meals.


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