Finally, free foodie reign in Baltimore

8 Aug

Staying with my sister in Baltimore has been great- not only have I been able to eat some really nice food (I admit I’ve been spoiled- she has let me choose where to eat for basically every meal out), but I got to spend time with her, make some tasty pork dumplings, meet her friends, and help her organize her apartment. Of course, we’ve had our fights (I was hoping by now, since she’s in college and we hardly see each other, we would get along better), but we’ve also had a lot of much-missing bonding time. We read food blogs together, vented about our problems, confronted our insecurities. Eeshk that sounds overly girly and mushy. It wasn’t that cliched and cutesy.

Back to the food. I never used to be fond of tapas, but on my first day here we had tapas at Aldea in Fell’s Point. We sat in their lovely little courtyard-garden, and it almost felt like we were dining at a cafe in Europe. I got some beautiful photos- natural light makes all the difference. We also ate at a popular brunch spot- Miss Shirley’s, and had a really nice birthday dinner (for my sister) at Della Notte. Of course, I grabbed some sweet treats along the way- including some heart-stopping jelly doughnut french toast.


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