San Francisco Eating Adventures- Part 2: The Fancy (Georges & Colibri)

8 Aug

I actually left San Francisco over 2 weeks ago, but naturally I haven’t been good about keeping up on posts. I had quite a few more delicious meals, some of them “fancy” (meaning they didn’t fit into my $9 per meal budget) and some of them not.

I went for lunch with a friend to Georges, which we stumbled upon as we were walking around during our lunch break. It has a cool, modern vibe, yet it still feels like a comfortable neighborhood restaurant where you’d meet friends. We sat at the bar, where we ordered up some delicious sandwiches and kebabs. The dungeness crab roll was the better of the two sandwiches we ordered (the other was the grilled chicken- tasty but boring), with the brioche roll and corn-tomato salsa (served on the side) complementing the gentle sweetness of the crabmeat. The Sea Brochette (kebab) was also quite good, especially alongside the stalks of asparagus- but my favorite of the meal was the crab roll.

After a day of visiting Stanford University, I met up with some friends in Union Square, at a Mexican place called Colibri. The food was great, especially the deep, dark, dense pudin de chocolate. While it was good, it was a little pricey and not really memorable.

The thing is though, how you remember the food at a restaurant depends a lot on the whole dining experience. Not just service, but also the people you’re eating with. The conversation. A tasty pasta can be elevated to something exceptional, as long as you’re with the right company. I’ve yet to find that perfect dining companion who makes every meal enjoyable, especially as I myself am rather moody at times, so when I get into a funk, it takes a lot to bring me out to really enjoy the food.


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