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Banana Cupcakes with Cream-Cheese Frosting

2 Mar

I had such a great day today. It seems to happen more and more that I go home after school in a wonderful mood- happy, relaxed, and not at all prone to lashing out at the next person (usually my mom) who “bothers” me. Strangely enough, it happens a lot when I’m somewhat sleep-deprived- but only when I voluntarily decide to sleep less than usual or get up in the middle of the night to gape at the rainstorm raging outside. That part’s important. If I’m up late writing a paper or doing a project because I have to, you can expect me to be grumpy and bleary-eyed (as my sister calls it: dopey-looking) the next day.

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Banana Nut Bread

3 Feb

The past few days, I’ve been feeling a little sick. Or maybe just tired, but I convinced myself I felt sick, because sometimes it’s nice to feel a little sorry for yourself. Either way, lately I’ve been so burnt-out that I got nine and a half hours of sleep (which is a lot!) and yet, by the time last period Biology class came around the next day, I was exhausted.

But I can never fall asleep in Bio; it’s probably one of my favorite subjects. Actually, most of my subjects are my favorite subjects, which becomes a bit of a problem when you’re a junior and you need to start thinking about what you’d like to study in college and what you’re planning to do with your life. More about that later. The fact is though, I really like Biology. The way that everything I learn explains and harmonizes with all that I’ve observed in life thrills me- especially when I have one of those aha! moments where it all just falls into place and I feel that I’m just that much closer to understanding the limitless intricacies of life. But it’s not just the subject, I just love my class and my teacher.

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