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Coffee Hostess Cupcakes

26 Jul

I think if happiness were a food, it would be cupcakes. Well actually, that’s debatable, since ALL food makes me happy.

But there’s something about cupcakes that just makes me feel all warm and happy and smiley (part of it could have to do with cakespy‘s incredibly cute cupcake cartoons). You won’t see me grinning quite as much at a slice of pizza, as much as I love myself some pizza.

So if cupcakes are happiness, they are the perfect subject for this post. Because I don’t think I’ve felt so happy for years. My mom is so accustomed to me spilling out all my troubles to her that she is pleasantly surprised when I tell her no, nothing is worrying or bothering or stressing me. And I really can’t think of a single thing that could cause me trouble right now, except maybe the possibility that this won’t last forever. But that’s an inevitable problem of life– time is limited. So that one doesn’t really count. On to cupcakes!

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Banana Cupcakes with Cream-Cheese Frosting

2 Mar

I had such a great day today. It seems to happen more and more that I go home after school in a wonderful mood- happy, relaxed, and not at all prone to lashing out at the next person (usually my mom) who “bothers” me. Strangely enough, it happens a lot when I’m somewhat sleep-deprived- but only when I voluntarily decide to sleep less than usual or get up in the middle of the night to gape at the rainstorm raging outside. That part’s important. If I’m up late writing a paper or doing a project because I have to, you can expect me to be grumpy and bleary-eyed (as my sister calls it: dopey-looking) the next day.

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